Anyone who has waited until the night before a black tie gala can tell you it’s just about impossible to find the perfect dress when you need it.  Shopping for clothes in a brick and mortar store allows the consumer to touch and feel the products.  But what you have in mind – a certain color, style, or fabric – may not be available.  Searching for it can be a fool’s errand. 

“Made-To-Order Fashion Goes Mainstream,” Forbes, Wendy S. Goffe, July 1, 2013



Custom designed, or made-to-measure, apparel is an experience sought after and appreciated by the most discerning women. It provides an opportunity to explore one’s own creativity and participate in the honored tradition of the atelier.

At Katie Fong, we particularly enjoy this collaboration with our clients and invite you to consider the experience for your special occasions, including weddings and daily lifestyle.

Our philosophy is to bring together the finest creativity, materials and hand craftsmanship to create an exceptional experience and a garment that will be treasured and enjoyed for many years. We strive to incorporate influences from around the world and pair them with the most exacting standards from renowned artisans in New York City.

Just as each made-to-measure piece is unique, so is the accompanying process. Generally, there are six integral steps to creating a unique garment. It is wise to allow twenty weeks for the entire process although it is possible to complete the process in a shorter time frame depending on embroidery, beading, and other embellishments.